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We are a community of Christ-followers that is committed to pursuing our life in God and calling others to share in that joy. This site contains information that will give you a glimpse into the heart of our ministry—what we’re all about. It’s also here to help you discover how you can become a part of this community, which believes that devotion to Christ and His cause will lead to the best life possible—the abandoned life.



Sarah Yim, Nia Kim, Grace Kwon, and Michael Chang will be serving Syrian refugees in Berlin from June 8 through June 22. 
Please pray:
1) That God would teach and lead them to better serve those in need and each other and that they would go deeper in their own discipleship with Christ.
2) For team unity - that they would love and lift each other up while drawing strength from God.
3) That they would meet whatever needs they encounter with the love of Christ foremost in all their actions and words and that they would die to any fleshly desires when encountering refugees.
4) That they would always turn to Jesus as they engage in the refugee crisis and that they would be effective ambassadors of Christ.


Daniel Chung will be serving in Mongolia from June 28 through July 16. He will be hosting an English camp and helping at a retreat for local church leaders and missionaries.
Please pray for:
1) Team unity, safety, and for hearts to be open to the Holy Spirit.
2) Missionary Paul Chun, the local missionaries, and the local church - that they would continue their obedience and devotion to God.
3) Mongolia - that the nation would be open to the Holy Spirit and that the people they meet will be ready to receive Christ.

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