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We are a community of Christ-followers that is committed to pursuing our life in God and calling others to share in that joy. This site contains information that will give you a glimpse into the heart of our ministry—what we’re all about. It’s also here to help you discover how you can become a part of this community, which believes that devotion to Christ and His cause will lead to the best life possible—the abandoned life.


FLM Seminar, Love Heals: Building Stronger Marriages: Nov. 1, 9am-4pm

Scripture tells us that we can learn to live in the new self in Christ and be patience, kind and gentle with those around us. Sometimes in marriage, however, we find ourselves impatience, often critical and certainly not gentle with the people that we are closest to in life. This marriage seminar is designed to help couples understand how the marriage itself can be a powerful tool to help transform all of us into new persons in Christ, not only changing who we are in marriage but also who we are to others around us. Backed by sound Biblical teachings and strong psychological principles, Terry and Sharon Hargrave will help incorporate recent research about the brain and how people change into an informative and entertaining presentation.
A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.
Location: Main Sanctuary

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